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Group Workshops:  

Collective Exploration

Empower Your Journey: Explore On-Demand Workshops for Personal Growth and Connection!

Introducing our latest offering: On-Demand Workshops by LoLifeCoach. Whether you want to collaborate, prefer the comfort of your home, the familiarity of your office, or the energy of a gathering, we've got you covered. Choose from our selection of meticulously crafted workshops or let's collaborate to tailor one specifically for you.

There's something magical about sharing our journeys with like-minded souls. Our group workshops offer a sacred space where you can connect deeply and collaborate with fellow travelers on the path of self-discovery and personal growth. Here, it's not just about learning and evolving – it's about thriving together. Join us and experience the power of shared transformation.

Manifesting Magic: 

Unleash the Power of Intuition and Vision Boarding

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Manifesting Magic is designed to guide you through two immersive hours of self-discovery and goal-setting. Whether you're longing for personal growth or professional success, this transformative experience will unlock the potential within you.

During our interactive session, we'll explore the fusion of intuition and vision boarding. Through captivating exercises and insightful discussions, you'll learn to tap into your inner wisdom and manifest your deepest desires.

But that's not all – we'll also delve into the art of vision boarding, a technique that empowers you to visualize your dreams and bring them to life. With guided meditation and personalized guidance, you'll uncover the barriers holding you back and illuminate the path forward.

Best of all, no prior experience is needed – we'll provide all the materials you need to create your own vision board. So whether you're a seasoned manifestor or just starting your journey, join us and let's build a brighter future together.

Plus, for your convenience, we offer the flexibility of hosting the workshop at your location or finding a suitable venue. Let's create a memorable experience for you and your group!

Your Invitation Awaits: Create Moments of Connection and Shared Growth

I attended Lorien's vision board workshop initially in a community space. Impressed by the experience, I inquired about hosting a private workshop at my home. The personal connection with Lorien and fellow participants was immediate and supportive. Lorien arrived well-prepared with all necessary supplies, including her signature tea cups and saucers, enhancing the intimate atmosphere. Guiding us through a grounding exercise to set intentions for our boards, Lorien encouraged us to share and explore new or old messages. Her mantra of "why not you" challenged us to dream big. I highly recommend hosting a private event with Lorien; it was a transformative experience.

R. C

Group Workshops

Embrace the Invitation to Join Our Journey! Secure Your Spot Today and Begin Crafting Your Path to Growth, Connection, and Personal Transformation.  

Step into the enriching world of our group workshops, where shared wisdom becomes a catalyst for profound personal evolution. Together, we create a space where transformation thrives and connections flourish. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation to learn more.

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