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Hey there! I’m Lo, a Self-love & Transformational Coach & Counsellor. I support women like you, who have lost their sense of self, uncover their true purpose, and lead them to build a life of authentic happiness.


It’s my life calling to guide women looking to discover who they are and bring them back home to themselves. To build a life of purpose, while learning how to prioritize themselves and build a foundation of self-love.


Whether it’s overcoming the lows, thriving on the highs, rebuilding confidence and a sense of self, or breaking down your goals into smaller steps. I can unlock your hidden thought patterns and behaviours that are keeping you from moving forward. Leading to you feeling burnt out and uninspired about life.


My Why / My Story:


As women, we often take on the role of caregiver in relationships, whether it’s our partners, kids, friends or coworkers. This caring role is so important, but it can also prevent us from prioritizing our own self-care or having a full life of our own.


A few years ago, I was in the darkest place of my life. The anxiety of surviving an abusive relationship years prior began to surface. I had a career that on paper was amazing but didn’t align with where I felt I should be. My mental health and self-worth we're at an all-time low. I was unmotivated, stuck and realized I had no passions of my own anymore. I had become so consumed by trying to make everyone else in my life happy,  that I had lost sight of what made me happy. I realized I hadn’t done anything truly for myself in a long time. I remember waking up one morning and thinking, is this it?


For years I had been looking in all the wrong places for happiness and fulfillment. I allowed myself to get lost in my relationships. Finally, a lightbulb went off! All this time I had been putting my dreams, my passion, my hobbies, my beliefs and values to the side for men, friends and my career. I stopped making me a priority and over time I eventually lost a key piece of who I was.


It took time and practice to rebuild who I was, and not just who I was but a sense of self that I loved and would not allow to get lost again. I realized how much I truly did love myself, and that to help other women through similar situations was going to be my purpose and mission going forward.


So, here I am. Ready if you are, to shift your mindset, reset your relationship with yourself, and in the process transform how you relate to those that you love. I know that it can be easy to get stuck in a negative cycle and feel overwhelmed on where to begin, But I am here to support you along the way and be your biggest cheerleader.

Get ready to feel empowered, to build a stronger connection to yourself, and to regain the excitement and self-commitment that makes life so wonderful. You too can learn to transform and challenge your self-perception. You deserve the life of your dreams!