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Nice to meet you,

I'm Lo

A people-pleasing, success-driven overachiever trying to navigate this crazy thing called life. Well, at least I used to be before I started taking ownership of my own life.

The past decade has been such a  journey for me, and it hasn't all been rainbows and sunshine. I've crawled through the thick of it, and now that I'm on the other side, I want to help you!

Hey, I'm Lo





Getting You Through
a Tough Spot



Full Transformation



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From what I put in my body, to the activities I fill my day with, to the people I surround myself with, as well as the content I consume and my self-talk; it all has to support and align with the values and goals I have to cultivate the life I want.

It’s not the most straightforward course. I am constantly leaning into the uncomfortable. But can I tell you - I’ll continue to choose myself every time, and that’s worth working hard for. What is the alternative? I am finally happy and fulfilled in the life I have created for myself, and you can too. 


Throughout my journey, I have rediscovered things that brought me joy, learned to give myself a little grace, started my own business,  and had hard conversations with the people in my life that made relationships stronger. I have thrived in other jobs, giving me the confidence and reassurance that starting my own business, and sharing my knowledge and skills with others, is my passion and life purpose. 


So, here I am! Ready if you are- to shift your mindset, reset your relationship with yourself, and transform how you relate to those you love. I know it can be easy to get stuck in a negative cycle and feel overwhelmed about where to begin, but that’s where I come in.  I am here to support you along the way and be your biggest cheerleader while giving you the tools you need to succeed- whatever that means.

Get ready to feel empowered, build a stronger connection to yourself, and regain the excitement and self-commitment that makes life so wonderful. You, too, can learn to transform and challenge your self-perception. You deserve the life of your dreams, and it’s within your reach!

the shift

a bit more about

My story

Who am I? That's a thought that can paralyze you. I've been there, A few times, if I'm being honest.

Day after day, being anxious about work, feeling like nothing I did fill my cup, a stranger in my skin. I was Restless, overwhelmed, unhappy, and most of all, feeling lost like I was living on autopilot. The worst part was that my life looked great from the outside or on paper. Fantastic job, good pay, great partner, friends, family, and a beautiful home. But on the inside, I felt like I was in the fetal position, crying, wanting to burst out of this nightmare of a groundhog day that never came, looking in all the wrong places for happiness and fulfillment.

I'd look in the mirror and wonder what happened to the boastful, vibrant, and confident woman I once knew so well? Now a grim, sad face stared back at me. I needed a change!

This was eight years ago. And if I am being honest, this journey will last the rest of my life. Making life-changing decisions and a new lifestyle does not happen overnight. However, The determination and commitment to myself to have a life I was excited to wake up for was instant. The daily choices I make now work towards the life I want. First, I had to find myself and my values, learn to set boundaries, and most importantly - start making myself, and what fills my cup, a priority- AKA be accountable.

Get to know me

My go-to coffee order:

Espresso with 2 ice cubes please

I can't work without:

Being surrounded by plants!

Can you guess where my name "Lorien" is from? 

Hint you will find it in "Middle Earth"

My favorite Instagram pic:

My pride and joy:

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Let's start this journey together!

the perfect match

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