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Become Your Own Hero


Hey there, I'm Lo!

Empowering you to answer the question -
who am I and who do I want to be?

As a certified Life Coach & Counselor, I am an expert in overcoming the lows, thriving on the highs, and rebuilding confidence and a sense of self. Together we will unlock the hidden thought patterns and behaviours keeping you from investing in yourself and bring you back home to a life of authentic happiness and fulfillment.

Uncover who you are through exploring the life that's already living inside of you.

Are you showing up as you - the FULL YOU in all areas of your life? And, if you’re not, ask yourself why?

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Single Coaching


Creating You
12 Week Program

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A Year's Journey to Becoming You



It may seem like a simple question, but think about it, who are you truly?

Without any of the labels or titles, you've been given by loved ones, society & even yourself over time. 

For many of us, who we are is based on how others perceive us & who we believe we are to others - Gender, body image, race, parent, partner, friend, and job title. These labels have been shaping your self-identity.

My coaching programs are designed to explore beyond our labels, search deep within and seek what truly makes us who we are at our core.

Not only to discover who you are - but how to align who you are with the life you desire.


Success Stories

Edna pic.jpg
Edna pic.jpg

Lo has been such an incredible

help to me. She goes above and 

beyond constantly, and genuinely

cares my well-being and success.

I contacted her during a time 

when I knew that my self-confidence

issues and anxiety were getting in 

the way of my professional

opportunities and life goals, and she

has been an absolute rock and 


Become The Next Success Story!


Lo guided and empowered me to

boost my confidence. She believed

in me so much. I can’t thank her

enough for her patience and

consistency to get me to where

I am.


Lo pulled me out of a long time

“rut” I was in, and helped me 

discover skills I didn’t even know 

I had. To have someone paint this

picture of what change would look

like - that made such a huge 



On the Fence?

Is Coaching For You?

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You already have all the answers you're searching for inside of you because you're the expert in your own life. A life coach helps with prompting the right questions to help you find those answers and creating a safe space to explore those ideas.

Interested in coaching, but still, have questions?

No sweat, I got you!

Let's Work

What you’re looking for is not out there. It is in you! Be the catalyst for your own change, and book your free 30 minute discovery call.

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