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Coaching vs. Therapy
Which is best for you?

Empowering you to answer the question - 

Who am I & Who do I want to be?

Rediscover You!


How do you know which service is best for you?

Taking the first step toward your desired future can be challenging, and reaching out and finding that you're not in the right place makes it worse. Let's take the guessing out of the equation.

Both therapists and life coaches focus on creating positive change in their clients’ lives. ​ It’s important to remember that although coaching and therapy may cover some of the same topics, only therapists can diagnose, treat and prescribe mental health disorders and conditions.

Coach vs Counselor
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Life coaches are present & future-focused. Life coaching is truly its own unique service designed to help clients meet the outcomes that will bring them success and fulfillment in any and all areas of life.

Some of the areas where a coach can be a powerful investment:


Therapists are past and present-focused. Therapists have a specialized graduate degree and clinical training supporting clients seeking assistance with healing trauma, overcoming abuse, or treating mental illness. ​


Some of the areas where a therapist or counselor can be a powerful investment:

Support change in behavior, thinking patterns, and mindset

Provide alternative perspectives; Improve your self-esteem & self-worth

Improve your self-esteem & self-worth; Help build a growth mindset

Find a work-life balance; Uncover what is meaningful to you in life

Question limiting beliefs about your potential; Increase motivation

Shine a light on your strengths and skills; Take real action and measure the results.

Plan and adapt  to life changes effectively; Learn a new skill, passion, or hobby

Treat mental illness, clinical anxiety, or depression with the ultimate goal of achieving better mental health

Help you heal from past trauma; Understand behavior patterns and triggers for self-destructive behaviors

Explore past relationships that went wrong ie: divorces, estrangements, or toxic friendships

Guide you through the grieving process; Cope with traumatic loss

Help evaluate your unconscious and subconscious mind

Treat and help with eating disorders

Cope with relationship turmoil, abuse, violence

Is Coaching for you?
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Work with Me!

Hey There! I’m Lo, CEO, Life Coach & Counsellor. I help individuals who've lost their sense of self uncover their true purpose, and build a life of authentic happiness.​

Feeling lost, or have a feeling like something is missing?


Going through the motions of life, but not being fully present? ​


You’re not alone! Many of the individuals I work with are looking for an opportunity to understand who they are. Whether you've lost yourself in your job, relationship, your role as a parent, or simply feel lost in life in general.  ​

I am here to guide and support you while creating a safe place for you to grow. I offer a safe space for rediscovery, exploration, and transformation.​​


Success Stories

Edna pic.jpg
Edna pic.jpg

Lo has been such an incredible

help to me. She goes above and 

beyond constantly, and genuinely

cares my well-being and success.

I contacted her during a time 

when I knew that my self-confidence

issues and anxiety were getting in 

the way of my professional

opportunities and life goals, and she

has been an absolute rock and 



Lo guided and empowered me to boost my confidence. She believed in me so much. I can’t thank her enough for her patience and consistency to get me to where I am. She helped me see what I really can do and within short couple of months I was able to get a new job that excites, motivates and challenges me. And a huge salary increase too.


Lo pulled me out of a long time “rut” I was in, and helped me discover skills I didn’t even know I had. To have someone paint this picture of what change would look like - that made such a huge difference.

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Hamilton, Ontario /  Tel. 647.830.9411

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