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“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

—Theodore Roosevelt

We’ve all had those moments in life when comparisons pop up.

Whether it’s from;

  • scrolling through social media

  • A huge life moment occurs with a friend

  • Your co-workers' exciting weekend

  • Your parents are gushing over your siblings' last success.

Regardless of how these moments arise, if we are not too careful these envious comparisons can suck the joy right out from underneath us and leave us feeling awful about where we are in life.

So why do we let ourselves be consumed by what everyone else is doing?

Well first off comparisons aren’t new, they’ve been around for ages. However, now we have the internet, where everyone's “life” is shared on social media. It’s hard not to know what’s happening with everyone in some capacity.

The problem is - comparing our lives to others isn’t only like comparing apples to oranges - meaning they aren’t the same to begin with. But we’re comparing an idea, an assumption of what we believe someone's life is like, when really it's a distorted fragment of what’s shared with us.

Some ideas to consider

  • How are comparisons impacting your life?

  • How do you feel after scrolling on Instagram, FB, TikTok or LinkedIn?

  • When someone shares exciting news of a promotion, engagement, new home - what comes up for you?

  • How can you use these observations to learn more about yourself, instead of allowing it to take you down a rabbit hole of negative self talk?

Building awareness and challenging Comparisons:

  • Be aware of your triggers

  • Remind yourself that you're not alone - comparisons happen everywhere

  • Social media isn’t reality - but a distorted version

  • Focus on your strengths!

  • Shift the focus back on you - what do you want out of life?

  • Practice Gratitude

  • Remember you are UNIQUE

Not a single other soul is exactly like you, nor are you like them. So, it doesn’t make sense to compare apples to oranges to doughnuts. We’re all different and we move at different paces, with different purposes.

Allow your focus to be anchored on your journey - and challenge comparisons - after all they’re the thief of joy

Love Lo



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