A little positivity can go a long way.

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with the notion of making wishes. So it’s no surprise that any time I saw a Dandelion I would be so excited! I’d pluck it out of the ground, take a deep breath, and then blew as hard as I could to ensure all the little seeds flew off the stem to make my wish come true. Little did I know, this mentality would continue through my life from wishing on birthday candles, creating good karma and even the idea of manifestation.

Although I have a pretty sunny disposition most of the time, I have sunk into dark and negative places before. We all know misery loves company, and it can be easy to slip into a spiral of negative thinking. I am not here trying to tell you that negative thoughts or periods of our life don’t happen. What I am saying is that people love comfort. If you get too comfortable living in this negative mindset, the harder it will be to get out of it.

There are many reasons we can think negatively about ourselves or our lives. Your job isn’t going the way you thought it would, a relationship ended, trouble with friends, even financial problems. Whatever the problem may be, if you continue to think that bad things only happen to you, or what next could go wrong or even just an overwhelming feeling of things suck.

Things are not going to get better without changing your mindset. I am not saying that if something shitty happened to you it will continue to happen. I am saying that the more negative of an outlook you have on your life, the more people will pick up that energy and not want to support you. The more that negativity will impact your performance and your attitude, even your body language.

Today is a new day. You don’t have to look at the dandelion and see a weed. You can choose today. Look at that flower, take a breath and make a wish. This will not change overnight. When you start adjusting your perception one day at a time your disposition will slowly become more sunny. If you choose to wake up and believe in your wish, over time with practice that wish will become reality.

Your mind is a powerful thing, so use it to support you, nurture you and make your dreams come true. You have the ability to look at that dandelion and make the strongest most powerful wish for yourself and make it happen. I believe in you, you should too.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and make something happen for yourself. Choose to invest a wish on yourself, and if you need a little help you know where to find me.



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