Rediscover You

1 on 1 Coaching

Feeling lost, or have a feeling like something is missing? Going through the motions of life, but not being fully present?

You’re not alone! Many of the women I work with are looking for an opportunity to understand who they are.


We live in a time where there are many distractions, and as a result taking time for you  can end up being last on the priority list. Leading to losing touch of passions, and in some ways, lose sight of ones self.


Whether you've lost yourself in your job, relationship, your role as a parent or simply feel lost in life in general.  I offer a safe space for rediscovery, exploration and transformation.  

How it works


Life coaching is a partnership. A space for thought-provoking and creative thinking, focused on self-discovery, self-awareness and a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Inspiring you to maximize your full potential.

Through 1 on 1 Coaching,  my role is to guide you to build a foundation of self-love and learn how to make you and your needs a priority. I create custom programs for each client, and through a balanced approach using a variety of tools, exercises and techniques I will help you find the best outcomes while beginning to see things through a new lens.

We all have the power to create the life and confidence we want,  regardless of our past traumas and setbacks. My role is to guide, support and empower you throughout your unique journey.


My programs are designed for the woman who:

  • Invest in themselves and their journey

  • Examine their values, beliefs and boundaries

  • Confront their fears in order to move forward

  • Take ownership of their life and choices to move them in the direction they desire

  • Are willing to commit to themselves & their transformation

  • Build up their self-worth and confidence

  • Wants to challenge and alter their mindset

  • Wants to fall in love with herself

  • Wants to be inspired to take action on her dreams

My program's while custom all focus on Self-Discovery, Mindset and building your Self Worth. We will be using the very techniques I have used to overcome my struggle with self-love and how I built my self-worth back up. 


Through understanding what makes your beliefs and values, we can then begin to address our shadow self, and any negative self-talk and patterns that no longer serve you.  Allow this time to be a time for curiosity, expansion and empowerment.  It's time to become the hero of your own life.

By the end of this program you will:


  • Total life transformation

  • You will come home to yourself? (Incorporate the name)

  • A strong sense of self

  • Strengthened self-worth, confidence and the tools to challenge negative self-talk 

  • Excited and happy about life

  • Uncover the fears that have been holding you back

  • Understand the power of investing in yourself 

  • See and believe in your full potential and the skills to challenge and hold yourself accountable

  • Have discovered your purpose, passions and how to align them in your day to day life

  • The tools to manage your time, expectations and how to make yourself a priority

  • The tools to recognize and regain my confidence and prioritize the things that are most important to me. 

  • The skills to challenge myself and achieve my goals

My Commitment 


I am here to guide and support you while creating a safe place for you to grow. I will be your cheerleader and unwavering confidence when needed, and I will empower you to challenge yourself in tough situations. I will help you build routines that are aligned with your goals and provide you tools and resources to support your growth in-between sessions.

What to expect:

  • Initial discovery call 90 min 

  • A unique and customized program focusing on Self-Discovery, Values, and building your Self Worth, resulting in a more purposeful life uncovering what fires you up.

  • A welcome questionnaire that will kick-start your transformative process and give you clarity on what exactly needs to be done to get what you want

  • A deep dive into your core values allowing us to address where to better align them to your day to day life - resulting in more fulfilment

  • A space to get curious and try different new ideas on to see if they fit and align with the future you are looking to build

  • Tools and resources that you will be able to take with you for the rest of your life to hold you accountable and value your worth

  • The ability to accept and celebrate the unique woman you are.

Interested in learning more?